References and Secrets

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Scary Movie 3 (2003)
  1. A scene in which George babysits Cody has him tossing a basketball at Cody: "I'm great with kids" [catches a basketball that was tossed to him] "Heads up, Cody" [tosses it at Cody, but it hits him on the head as he falls over]. He quickly checks to see if Cody is okay, but Cody gets up: "I'm okay" George knocks him down again then says, "Sorry. You okay, kiddo?"

    In BASEketball the scene plays out this way in the parking structure: Remer says, "Hey! I love kids! Which one is Travis?" [without waiting for the answer, he takes the second baseketball...] "Here. Heads up, big guy!" [...and shoots it at the first boy he sees. The ball knocks down Travis]. A girl then asks, "Um are you all right, Travis?"
  2. The second scene involves President Harris trying to blast his way out of the White House. Agent Johnson blasts a hole through Mother Teresa's picture and through the wall behind it. He and Harris then crawl out. Johnson says, "God, this is exciting!" Harris responds with "This is exciting? You should feel my nipples."
    In BASEketball Costas and Michaels are play-calling Denslow Cup V. Michaels says, "Bob, in all my years of calling games I don't think I've ever been this excited!" Costas replies with "You're excited? Feel these nipples!"
  3. The funeral wake scene involves George and then Mahalik trying to bring Brenda back to life rather vigorously. Mahalik pounds on Brenda's chest and screams "Live, damnit! Live!!" George provides some live wires for heart paddles, electrocuting Mahalik and the man trying to pull him off Brenda's corpse.
    This is similar to the hospital scene in BASEketball, where Coop and Remer try to save Joey from dying. Coop jumps on top of Joey, begins pounding on his chest, and screams "Live, damnit, live!!" Later on Coop uses 'those little heart paddle things that George Clooney uses' on Joey. Once Remer sets the voltage at 15,000 volts, Squeak is electrocuted and thrown off Joey.
  4. There was the scene in the Ring video itself where a chair spun in the air upside down. A fat man somehow sat and spun in that chair, eventually puking into a small ice bucket.
    In BASEketball, during a game in which Coop promises to hit three homeruns for Joey, Remer and Squeak puked into small ice buckets after a night of heavy drinking.
  5. The aliens looked similar to the ones dancing around in BASEketball -- crappy costumes and all -- on "Anal Probe Night." - (thanks to Will, over at the South Park Scriptorium.)
  6. Jenny McCarthy was cast in both movies.
  7. David Zucker directed both movies.
Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm (1937)
  1. During Denslow's will reading, in the very beginning, he says, "...these chaps I wore in Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm I bequeath to my nephew Herman..."
The Jerry Springer Show (1991-present)
  1. During the whole bar scene with Coop, Remer, and Joey, they were watching the Jerry Springer show.
South Park (1998-present)
  1. When the Beers play the Roswell Aliens at Roswell Stadium, Al Michaels says, "...from the 15,000 on here for Anal Probe Night."  This refers to the first episode of South Park, Cartman Gets an Anal Probe.
  2. In the locker room scene, Coop says, "Oh sorry, I forgot how much Doug Remer cares about kids" in the voice of the boys' teacher, Mr. Garrison.
  3. Coop's psyche-out of Grunsky at the end of the movie was done in Eric Cartman's voice.
-References to BASEketball
  1. Jenna is reading Women Who Run with the Wolves during the hospital scene where Coop brings La-Z-Boy.  In episode 316 Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus, Cartman is reading the same book during one of the boys' meetings in the treehouse.
  2. Yasmine Bleeth makes an appearance in episode 511, The Entity.  You see her getting out of a junky car and wiping her nose.  Needless to say Matt and Trey probably wouldn't have shown her if they weren't cast members in BASEketball.
    Also, Mr. Garrison says the word "dingleberry" when the government takes "IT" away. Remer says this to Jansen during a Beers-Felons game.
  3. In episode 804 The Passion of the Jew, Stan and Kenny want their money back from seeing the Passion.  Here's the scenes dialogue:
    Stan: [packing] Come on, Kenny, we're going to Malibu!
    Kenny: (Malibu? But how?)
    Stan: We'll take the bus! Look, this isn't about the eighteen dollars ticket money anymore. This is about being able to hold bad filmmakers responsible! [He leads Kenny out of his room] This is just like when we got our money back for BASEketball!
  4. In Free Hat, the boys dress up in island clothing to warm George Lucas' icy heart.  This clothing is almost exactly the same as the clothing worn by Coop and Remer while on the Malakalaka Balance Board of Trust.  Also, the boys' dance is very similar to Coop and Remer's island dance in a deleted scene.
  5.  In the Season 2 episode The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka, Jesus' producer appears at the door with a listening device, and says that she couldn't help overhearing the boys' conversation. In BASEketball, Baxter Cain says "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation," to Jenna, Coop, and Remer while hiding a similar listening device.
 Unsolved Mysteries (1988-99)
  1. After Coop left for Calcutta he was presumed "missing".  Robert Stack, the host of Unsolved Mysteries, covered the case in the same fashion as the show.
 Titanic (1997) 
  1. At the end of the movie, Squeak shouts, "I'm the king of the world!", while atop the Denslow Cup.  Jack did the same in the scene where he was leaning over the bow of the boat.
  2. Right before the make-out scene, when Coop and Remer were about to fall off the Malaka-Laka board, Coop shouts, "Remember to hold your breath just before we hit!  Never let go!  This dialogue is taken from Titanic.  (Thanks to Lisa8476 from the South Park Studios BBS, via e-mail.)
SportsCenter (1979-Present)

  1. The scene where Dan Patrick and Kenny Mayne are talking about the playoffs is a direct copy of their real show, SportsCenter.
Foster's Beer Commercials
  1. During the San Fransisco game, Coop says "How to speak San Fransiscan...(pulls down Squeak's pants, exposing his crack)...Vajoina!"  He says this in an Australian accent, and the line "How to speak Australian" is the catch-phrase for the Foster's Beer commercials.
The Horse Whisperer (1998)
  1. During the Beer's game against the Detroit Lemons, (during the montage of games), Remer plays a tape.  The dialogue that follows is from the book, The Horse Whisperer, by Nick Evans.  This was made into a movie in 1998.
Braveheart (1995)
  1. After Squeak psyches-out Tuttle to end the game versus the L.A. Riots, the Riot's team members tie him up on the garage door.  He screams, "Freedom!  Freedom!"  This line is from Braveheart.
  2. During the hospital scene, where the Beers are trying to revive the living Joey, Coop says, "I love ya.  Always have."  Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart says the same line.
Scarface (1983)
  1. Tony Montana mouths this sentence in Scarface, "In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women."
    In BASEketball, right after Coop and Remer beat the preps at Britney's party, Coop says this: "Dude, I'm telling you it's jobs.  We gotta get jobs.  Then we get the khakis.  Then we get the chicks."  Different words, but reference indeed.
Brain Donors (1992)
  1. In Brain Donors, Lillian Oglethorpe says, "Then it's settled. I am so excited." Roland T. Flakfizer replies with, "You're excited? Feel these nipples!"
    In BASEketball, Al Michaels says, "Bob, in all my years of calling games, I don't think I've ever been this excited!", after the Beers win the Denslow Cup.  Bob Costas responds with, "You're excited?  Feel these nipples!"

Airplane! (1980)
  1. In BASEketball, during the hospital scene after the game, Coop and Remer go to comfort Joey after his operation.  They both sit on Joey's bed and cut off his oxygen supply.  In Airplane! the stewardess goes back to comfort the sick girl and inadvertently cuts off her oxygen supply with her guitar.  The reaction of both kids is strikingly similar.
  2. Robert Stack (deceased) and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar make appearances in both Airplane! and BASEketball.  Seems to be one of the many trends of David Zucker movies.  (Both thanks to Lisa8476 from the South Park Studios BBS, via e-mail.)
  3. David Zucker directed both films.
Superosity (Online Comic Strip, 11/8/2003)
  1. BASEketball was mentioned in an online comic strip called Superosity.  Check it out here or view it below. (Thanks to Charlie_B on the South Park Studios BBS.)
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)
  1. There's not really any direct references to BASEketball, but the structure of both movies is very, very similar.  Here's a list of similarities: 
  • Crude Jokes, about sex and what not.
  • Wacky team names.  (Kamikazes, M.I.L.F.S, etc)
  • Evil rich guy that is on the rival team. (White Goodman and Baxter Cain)
  • People hit in head and balls with balls.
  • Main character/best player comes to the championship game just in time to help his team win the game. (Peter LeFleur and Joe Cooper)
  • Everyone starting to make out after they win the championship
  • Main characters have money issues. (Peter is challenged with a bribe and needs championship money for his gym.  Remer agrees to clothing deal, and the clothes are made by children in Calcutta.  Coop has to fix the child labor issue.)
  • Both teams face uphill battles to keep their gym/team. (Average Joe's and the Beers.)
  • Cheerleaders.  'Nuff said.
  • Crazy announcers.
  • Crucial games coming down to final moments.
  • Celebrity cameos.  Lots and lots of celebrites.
  • Computer generated game intros. (Denslow Cup title)

Time Warped (1995)
  1. Matt and Trey have conversations in Scottish accents in both BASEketball and their short lived unaired TV series, Time Warped.  It's in the hospital scene, and starts with Coop saying "Dammit man, I'm tryin to save an innocent life!".  View the Time Warped clip here. (Thanks to Keith.)
Team America (2004)  
  1. At one point, Chris says, "Oh shit."  It is said the exact same way as Coop during the BASEketball game at Britney's.  
  2. When Gary is in the bar, the camera zooms to the jukebox to show that it is playing "Freedom Isn't Free".  This song reflects Gary's life and feelings at the time, much like "Warts on Your Dick" reflected what Coop was going through.
The Pride of the Yankees (1942)
  1. In Pride of the Yankees, Lou Gehrig promises a child in the hospital that he will hit 2 homeruns in a World Series Game. Unlike Coop "promising" Joey he will hit 3 homeruns in a game, Gehrig fulfills his promise.
The Natural (1984)
  1. Just like the above movie, a boy in the hospital asks middle-aged baseball rookie Roy Hobbs to hit a homerun. 
  2. Also, Roy uses a bat called "Wonderboy", made from a tree struck by lightning. During the pennant game, this bat breaks as he attempts to hit a homerun. La-Z-Boy anyone?
Beetlejuice (1988)
  1. Beetlejuice is more or less a ghost, so therefore posesses supernatural powers. When Coop performs a pysche-out against Los Angeles (1:02:26), snakes come out of his head, like Beetlejuice.  
Star Trek (1966-1969)
  1. The line Remer says in the hospital scene, "I'm givin' her all I've got captain!" is from Star Trek. 
The Kathie Lee Gifford Scandal (1996)
  1. In 1996, Kathie Lee Gifford found out her clothing line was being produced by underage, underpaid workers in Honduras. Kinda like Coop's situation with Beerswear in Calcutta, eh?
Bob Costas (2006)
  1. Bob Costas had been on several talk shows, due to his hosting of the 2006 Winter Olympics. During his various appearances, he mentioned BASEketball twice to my knowledge. On the December 1, 2006 episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert asked Bob about his "wild side", and asked if BASEketball was that side. Bob agreed.
  2. On an NFL show, somebody said that he was excited. Bob replied, "You're excited, feel these nipples!" The others looked at him funny, and he said "Nevermind, it's from BASEketball."